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Sales & Service

Customer Service Representatives:

Our plant is staffed by customer service representatives who take pride in understanding their customers' needs and concerns. There is no chain of command - just a direct link between the customer and their friendly Erie Coke representative.


Coke Sales & Service
(800) 863-COKE


Sales Representatives:

Customers can trust their Erie Coke sales representative, as they are industry veterans whose careers have been based in the coke and foundry industries. They demonstrate a depth of knowledge and a degree of understanding that make them valued resources. As your direct link to Erie Coke, they embody our commitment to personalized, responsive service.


Paul Choinski (586) 747-5561

Hickman, Williams & Company (724) 772-3090

Technical Advisor

As an added benefit to our valued customers, Erie Coke has recently expanded its customer service team to include a Technical Advisor, Allan "Al" Rollo. Al Rollo's experience includes over 35 years with Ford Motor Company of Canada's Windsor Casting Plant, primarily as their Melt Superintendent & Operations Superintendent. This new service has been implemented to offer Erie Coke's customers experienced technical insight into improving cupola operations and melt efficiencies. Please contact us for more information on this unique service!


Just-In-Time Delivery

No matter what transportation mode is requested, Erie Coke Corporation has the resources to satisfy our customers' specific delivery requirements. Our trucking network gives us the capability to consistently meet today's demand for just-in-time deliveries. you can set your clock by Erie Coke's dependable delivery service!


Erie Coke supplies 100% of Ford Motor Company's foundry coke requirement for its Cleveland Casting Plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

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